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Werk his contacts he has saved a lot of time and uncertainty. For Mauriuse, even with its access to the national network, it is to get information on private transport to independent colonies challenge. As if these issues are not publish anything anywhere, though it never sought, as if a gigantic raw material trade Melun simply somehow worked, and outside the circle of participating was talking about it.

Even so, it sends delegates to the transport companies from Werka and others that thanks to him he could find, took the rest of the afternoon. His urgent demand for passenger transport Melun some flatly refused, others promised to answer, and if so, to quote one day. Recently much time is one day. When unable to find transport, will have to enter into service at Fuji.

Feeling that do more at the moment is not in his power, he opens data from Mara’s personal list to see what kind of food to her according to her mood and physical condition to prepare.


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Propaganda proclaims that everyone has the right to come to Melun, settle down, ask for full rights relinquish jurisdiction and obligations to the state. Get a new life in a free union, where each of the hundreds of thousands of inhabitants is the architect of his own destiny. Rociṣmat without restrictions, without unjust social order of years. Path passenger ship is available at low cost and flies regularly.

Maurius was surprised that at Melun absconds thousands of people every year. Certainly mostly lower class without full citizenship. Malcontents and weaklings from even worse places than Argos. He suspects, however, that among them will find exceptions, opponents of the State, having no other option than to leave him.

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Equalizeit Blog

The next morning Maraleie lets Mauriuse long sleep, wakes it up shortly before it was in his office transferred to the institute. Both know that he has two days left to register to the service, although they need to talk about it.

Maurius eating breakfast alone and wondering what to do, how to proceed.

At night, boldly stated that it would consider other approaches to Melun. He does it.

Already moment later in an older, middle comfortable uniform picture gallery gets to work. Opens around him and reads school and ministerial archives, initially looking for information about embassy itself at Melun. Still, he returned idea how strange it was that yesterday had not the slightest idea about its existence. Embassy was nowhere in the materials of Melun mentioned. This is true even for other foreign colonies? The state has a connection with them through emissaries, without people talked about it?

Now that she knows what to look for, reads the will, the purpose of the embassy is to represent the state, mediate business communications and coordination of transport. Legation at Melun is located in an unnamed capital city of colonies and envoys of the State are always appointed for three cycles. It seems to him to be a long time, spend it isolated on the planet, with which almost no contact.

Search for any connection, private companies, maps, goods or advertisements of Melun based on the ministry’s archives and Academy idle. Not to find names of colonists or businesses, yet has apparently Melun million inhabitants!

Located listing transport links. Most of them are trucks, but there are also personal, though not private. They fall under the state fleet. Finally, some results. Chooses passenger traffic and is redirected to an uncontrolled public network.

How long has it, it must be whole-quarter what it was looking for something. Immediately we are flooded with advertising and chaotic roads, with some even understand its purpose. It gives him know how during his studies away the life of ordinary people.