Equalize It Concert

EqualizeIt Concert

EqualizeIt Concert

On the first morning orphaned surprised as she chases everything faster. Could the next few days, the whole quarter, up later, more rest. And finally sounds familiar, she had not had time lately.

When the evening chatting with Mauriusem who is waiting for his boat in the harbor, it supports both the time without it will use its best, whether they need to be physically moves on out of town. Mara would have liked, but the institute has its section completed rapidly test new drugs and until it’s done, you have to work most of the day.

But already it soon completed and then would have to leave for a while and need to go to her parents to the south. They will be surprised there was not a long time. Lying alone on a bed under a colored light from a wide skylight, talking with Mauriusem until the ship departs with him from orbit. Farewell to until just before the public connection with the vessel stopped.

Mara days go by filled with work, exercise and old friends unexpectedly quickly. The impossibility of getting Mauriuse of his mission, even for short message prepared in advance. All the time from him hear. Only her unexpectedly saddled how can anyone tell the truth, where and why it flew.

Although tired from a long day of work, trying to make the most of the time he has to himself, and so he finds a call from Werka Ball pitch in expensive garden center on a deep level underground city, under the artificial blue sky. Mara apologizes to teammates and runs next to the trees, where the lens receives a call.