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Werk his contacts he has saved a lot of time and uncertainty. For Mauriuse, even with its access to the national network, it is to get information on private transport to independent colonies challenge. As if these issues are not publish anything anywhere, though it never sought, as if a gigantic raw material trade Melun simply somehow worked, and outside the circle of participating was talking about it.

Even so, it sends delegates to the transport companies from Werka and others that thanks to him he could find, took the rest of the afternoon. His urgent demand for passenger transport Melun some flatly refused, others promised to answer, and if so, to quote one day. Recently much time is one day. When unable to find transport, will have to enter into service at Fuji.

Feeling that do more at the moment is not in his power, he opens data from Mara’s personal list to see what kind of food to her according to her mood and physical condition to prepare.

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