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In the afternoon, though they all discussed. They come rather late replies from two fellow students from the department, which he described his proposal for research Melun and invited them to participate.

One apologizes that he is registered elsewhere, but expresses Mauriusovi support, although advises that instead flew at Melun and Fuji left the future exploration.

The second one boundary of outer space, the State literally describes as “too risky for our scholars.” Maurius not enough he will politely answer.

Both still questioning him last quarter seemed in attendance at the equator at a relatively savvy and adaptable, expecting because it’s interesting theory. From their answers at the last moment before the actual suspect their hesitation. It took them, changed their minds up.

Now it seems to be the rule, no one was at Melun say a clear ‘no’. Everyone sees the potential, the challenge of a separate investigation on another planet but it seems to capitulate eventually everyone. Apart from him.

The answer from one of the smaller transport companies operating older freighter on lucrative routes to the colonies is already promising.

In his report, a woman in blue overalls, with poor pronunciation and quite unusual for contact with customers advised that if they have the necessary travel rights, are willing to take him aboard their ship, some flying in Melun, where he lands in the harbor. And as requested, the return ticket will pay for any of their ships.

When looking at the price offered to confirm his fears. The price tag of this extraordinary service is many times higher than passenger traffic ticket for Refugees offered in the ad. Mauriusovi what extent is known, the amount is equal to several times the normal non citizens income and even paid for him as a pupil academy is high.

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